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Permanent Staff

At Unite Recruit, we aim to always provide the best candidate for the job. With a deep pool of talent in our permanent staff list, we know that we have the perfect candidate for you. We strive to cater to what you need and always have an open line of dialogue with our clients about what we can provide. 

After spending countless hours trying to find staff for positions using recruitment agencies and being disappointed each time, we entered the recruitment business. We decided that the stigma around recruitment agencies needed to be changed and we believed that we had what it took to make this change.

Permanent Staff
Permanent Staff

Initially, by developing our screening process, we identified that we could determine the strengths and weaknesses of our candidates and find the perfect role for them. After developing this system we used our knowledge around working with recruitment agencies and the industries that we recruit for to determine the perfect candidates. 

After placing a candidate in a position, we work with both you and them to make the process as smooth as possible as we know how important a direct line of communication can be. All of the recruits and clients we work with matter to us, we understand that it can be difficult when looking for a recruitment agency to trust and we decided, as a team, that we would work to change the narrative around the hit and miss nature of recruitment. The employment relationships we have built with both our clients and recruits has shown that what we are doing is working.

We’ve worked tirelessly over the last four years to set an example for how the recruitment agencies should deal with their clients and build their employee base. We understand that you have expectations and targets to meet and our goal is to make that as easy a process as possible. We understand the responsibilities we have as the recruitment agency and we aren’t in the business of disappointing. We’ve made it our mission to not let you down when it comes to hiring permanent staff, or any of our staff for that matter. 

Helping you is our goal, we aim to support you with any issues that you may have or anything that we may be able to help you improve. When you hire one of our recruits we will work day in and day out to give both you and them the best experience to the extent that is possible for us. Providing our clients with the best leads to success. This helps us develop lasting relationships and create a network of clients that understand that Unite Recruit is the best in the business.

Permanent Staff

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